A helping hand: Paul’s story

Paul, 46, was referred to the programme from the National Careers Service, which he had contacted after becoming unemployed as a night shift worker for 17 years. He was desperate to find employment again but did not have the skills to be able to upload his CV or apply for jobs. 

Paul’s main barriers to work were that he lacked IT skills and did not have a permanent place to live. His main goal was to find work so Paul and Employment Coach, Paula, started on this straight away.

Paula met with Paul each week at a local library to use their computers and help with uploading his CV to job sites, applying for appropriate jobs and chasing up any responses. After some support Paul was able to apply for jobs on Indeed and upload his CV. Paula also helped him look for appropriate roles in the warehouse industry and showed him how to apply for jobs himself.

Through their work together, Paul was able to secure a job not long after uploading his CV. He was also offered other interviews because of their applications.

Paul stated that the programme has helped him find a job and helped him back on his feet. It has also meant that he can start to look towards getting his own flat or house in the future. His main goal was to work and Paul pushed hard to make that happen by attending appointments with his Employment Coach and doing what they needed to do to get a result.

He also said it had boosted his morale and thought the one-to-one work with his Employment Coach was exactly what he needed.

Paul is thoroughly enjoying his new job and is doing really well at it. He has had good feedback from his employer and has learnt a new skill – using radio headphones to relay what to do, rather than using paperwork.

To anyone wanting to contact the service, Paul said:

Here’s Paula’s number, that’s one advisor I would advise you to go to.

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