Eileen – Building Confidence for Job Applications

Eileen is a mature woman sitting her kitchen table. She has long straight hair and and glasses and is holding a smartphone while smiling.

Eileen (61) from Sunderland was referred by the National Careers Service to help her with her CV, job applications, and building her confidence.

She had been out of work for a few years but could look back on over 25 years of experience within her previous organisation. Feeling a bit out of touch with the labour market, Eileen wanted extra support so she could confidently return to work.

How Did We Help?

Eileen met with Making a Difference Employment Coach Karen. Together, they laid out Eileen’s work history as well as her goals and any challenges she was facing.

Most prominently, Eileen felt that if she were to apply for work, she would find herself at the back of the queue from an employer’s perspective due to her age. She also felt out of touch with the job applications process as a whole.

Nonetheless, Eileen was determined to keep an open mind, to push herself and to keep searching for new opportunities.

Providing Expert Advice for Job Applications

And so, she did! Eileen started by working on updating her CV with Karen’s help, so it would highlight her broad skill set and professional experience.

Next, Eileen and Karen discussed a variety of different opportunities within Eileen’s preferred professions: customer service and business administration. Applying for these roles meant that she also needed to create a strong profile and assemble all of her application documents, including her CV and cover letter.

Not long after, Eileen became aware of an available position within the Sunderland City Council and she jumped on the opportunity. Having been successful at her interview, we are happy to share that Eileen was offered the role!

She has already settled into her new environment and is enjoying the job. She says:

“Thank you once more for your invaluable help. I could not have done this without it.”

We wish Eileen all the best for this new chapter in her career!

Career Guidance To Get You Where You Want To Be

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