Finding a way back to work: Chloe’s story

Finding a way back to work

Chloe, 32 from London, had left her previous role due to mental health issues. When she felt ready to pursue work again she wasn’t sure what her career goal should be. Her confidence was lacking, and she struggled to maintain any kind of motivation to job hunt.

She was referred to Making a Difference by Oasis, a mental health support organisation offering counselling services, and was introduced to her Employment Coach, Joseph. Joseph and Chloe worked together closely to understand what Chloe’s aspirations, skillset and barriers were.

After some sessions together, Chloe decided that she would like to find a role within photography after recently completing a professional course, but would be happy to find a role within admin/secretarial areas if it allowed her to work on her photography part time.

Chloe and Joseph worked to build two separate CVs, one to be used for her photography/creative applications and the other for more admin-related positions. On the admin side Chloe needed to refresh her knowledge and skills so Joseph helped Chloe to enrol on an online Admin course, details of which were then added to her CV.

They then proceeded onto job searching. Firstly, they focused on junior photography/creative roles. Chloe realised that many roles were requesting a portfolio of some kind that could be viewed online. Joseph advised Chloe to update her photography on Instagram while her website was being built and to use the Instagram link as her online portfolio in the meantime.

In their appointments they also focused on admin opportunities, ideally trying to find a part-time opportunity that would also allow her to do some freelance photography. Their sessions covered job searching within this area, to ensure that Chloe was ready for any interviews that came up.

Chloe and Joseph then moved onto interview practice, as Chloe had started to get interview requests for the administration roles she had applied for.

Before she knew it Chloe had two job offers on the table and in the end decided to take up a part-time secretary role offering her plenty of time to work on her photography.

When asked in her final appointment about how she found the programme Chloe said:

“I really enjoyed working alongside you (Joseph), I was actually surprised by the level of support I was given on this programme. I even remember asking you a couple times if every participant got this kind of support, as I really felt that you were walking through this process with me.

You have helped me feel a lot more confident about my photography and pursuing this field as a career for myself. I am going to hold on to this motivation and make sure that I am still working to progress within photography whilst I am working in this role. I won’t let all our work in this area be in vain. Thank you for everything.”

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