Updating skills to return to IT: Christian’s story

Christian, aged 44 from the Leeds area, was referred to Making a Difference through the National Careers Service. Christian had left a role in the hospitality sector and was keen to return to his previous career area of working in IT. He wanted extra support to make this transition back.

Christian was introduced to Jo, a Making a Difference Employment Coach, who met with him one to two times a week for several months. Jo supported Christian to develop two up-to-date CVs which showcased his skills and experience. One CV was specific to the IT industry and one was more generic.

When Christian and Jo were discussing his goal of returning to work in the IT industry, they determined that a potential barrier to achieving this could be that Christian did not have any UK based experience within the sector. As a result of this, Jo supported Christian
to apply for a volunteer position with an IT support charity and Christian was successful in being offered the volunteer role.

Christian also worked with Jo to update and develop his LinkedIn profile so it could be utilised as a tool for searching for jobs and networking. Jo encouraged Christian to also make use of his existing network of contacts – as a result Christian was offered a number of interviews.

After he was offered these interviews, Jo was able to structure her next sessions with Christian to focus on interview skills and technique, helping him to prepare effectively for his interviews. Christian would always contact Jo after every interview to let her know how it had
gone. He found that he was “learning from the interview experience” and this helped him to secure a role as a Service Desk Agent.

Since starting in his new role, Christian has been in touch with Jo to let her know how well it is going and he remains very positive about the job.

About his success in the Making a Difference programme, Christian said:

“Now I have got so much knowledge that I can help somebody else find a new job! The programme works very well and my Employment Coach is one of the best people I have ever known. I want to recommend the programme to others so they can be helped to find a tailored position in the market.”

Christian also said:

“It has been a great experience to be part of Making a Difference, let me just say: Thanks a lot for the help!”

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