Ready for the next stage: Claire’s story

Claire, age 36 from Northumberland, was unemployed and had been referred to Making a Difference by her local Job Centre.

While she continued to have ongoing support through her Job Centre Adviser, it was felt that she may benefit from more specialist support. Claire discussed the Making a Difference programme with them as she was unaware of its benefits. After hearing more about what it involved, she felt this was an appropriate step for her to take as offered her more guidance and support for her future career and development.

Claire met her Employment Coach Colin and she told him that she had “numerous health issues, which had led her to being unemployed for a long period of time”.

By working proactively in partnership with Colin, at each stage Claire was able to identify and recognise her employment skill set. She started to believe in herself, could identify her positive attributes and saw how these could make a contribution to the community and employers.

After working with Colin for several weeks, Claire was ready for the next stage of her personal and employment progress.

Claire commented:

“As I near completion and on reflecting upon my progress, I now can see how to transfer my skills to other job opportunities, I feel less socially anxious and have a much-improved working CV…The programme has given me the courage and conviction in myself, and I am in a better place than when I first began.”

My Employment Coach tailored the programme to my needs and helped me to see ways in which I can utilise my skills and how they can be transferrable to differing roles for future career opportunities. He also provided me with lots of encouragement when my confidence was low.

I have started volunteering locally to further aid my confidence, social anxiety and to further better myself. This would not have been possibly had it not for Making a Difference giving me the belief and courage to undertake this.”

Colin saw that Claire benefited from having a person to guide and mentor her so that she could understand her self-worth. He felt that the programme empowered Claire to be the best version of herself and ensured that she became pro-active in her life again.

Colin commented:

“Claire has come a long way in her personal development and employability voyage. She has never flinched in her responsibilities to herself or to her programme commitments. It has been a privilege to be part of her journey.”


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