Lina – Enrolling in an ESOL Course in the UK

Lina is a woman in her 40s with short straight hair and a wide, friendly smile. She is wearing a professional blouse while standing outside of an office building.

40-year-old Lina from West Sussex came to the UK due to ongoing conflict in her home country, Ukraine. Before her arrival, she had worked as a psychologist and was referred to Making a Difference by her local Jobcentre Plus.

Having settled in the South of England, Lina wanted to improve her English language skills by attending an ESOL course and take her first steps towards returning to work.

How Did We Help?

Lina got in contact with Pauline, an Employment Coach at Making a Difference. Together with Pauline, she began to map out her journey of developing her language skills, creating a standout application and finding employment in the UK.

It soon became apparent that Lina had an interest in working with children. She could see herself possibly starting as a Teaching Assistant or resuming her work as a mental health professional.

As a next step, Lina worked with Pauline on converting her CV to English and adjusting it to the British job market. This would become the starting point for Lina’s professional and personal development in the UK.

Building English Skills on an ESOL Course

Following her initial sessions with Pauline, Lina enrolled in an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course organised by Making a Difference. Lina found this very helpful as she could form connections with others in similar situations while learning and adjusting to life in the UK.

The ESOL course was an immediate success and Lina quickly passed the B1 exam for reading. She swiftly enrolled in the B2 level course as well and has made massive progress with her English skills.

Following her time with the Making a Difference team, Lina is certain that she would like to work with children and offer people support based around mental health, perhaps even in a voluntary role.

Coach Pauline is delighted with her progress:

“Lina has been very proactive and has already passed one ESOL exam, she is currently taking the next level ESOL course. She has gained so much confidence and her English speaking has greatly improved.”

Lina herself reports that the programme has given her more confidence and that she has personally grown from attending the ESOL courses. She says:

“Pauline and Kateryna are always supportive and answer all my questions if I have any. I really enjoyed coming to the Ukrainian Hub organised by Making a Difference and meeting people, sharing stories and making new friends.”

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