Emmanuel – Entering the Working World With a Pharmaceutical Degree

Emmanuel is a young man with dark hair and a beard. He is in a laboratory, wearing a lab coat, safety glasses and gloves. He is smiling into the camera while holding something under a microscope and taking notes.

31-year-old Emmanuel from Sunderland joined Making a Difference after graduating from university with a pharmaceutical degree. He came to the programme with the goal of finding a job in the pharmaceutical sector.

Emmanuel attended a Making a Difference workshop titled “Preparing for Employment” to help him transition from education to the working world. The workshop covered different components of finding work such as CV’s, job searching, identifying transferable skills and interviews.

Emmanuel then attended a “Create a Winning CV” workshop, also hosted by Making a Difference. This one focussed on the types of CVs, and how to tailor your CV to a specific sector.

How Did We Help?

After attending the initial workshops, Emmanuel met with Charlotte, a Making a Difference Employment Coach. Together, they developed and refined Emmanuel’s CV. In doing so, they discovered that he already had a strong document which only needed minor adjustments.

This already provided a great confidence boost for Emmanuel and eased some of his nerves regarding this new chapter of his life. Following this, Charlotte supported him in making adjustments to the overall layout of his CV to for better ease of reading.

Next, Emmanuel adjusted the formatting of the document. Doing so would allow an Applicant Tracking System, commonly used by employers, to easily pick up on keywords and phrases in his skills and experience. Also, this was a great chance to reflect on the progress he had made so far on the programme and on the many skills he already possessed.

Finding Work With a Pharmaceutical Degree

Using his new and improved CV, Emmanuel applied for a position with a pharmaceutical company and was promptly successful in receiving a job offer!

With his goal of finding a job achieved, Emmanuel wanted additional support in preparing himself for this next career step. He attended yet another Making a Difference workshop which focussed specifically on advice for new job starters. The workshop covered topics like completing a DBS check, creating a healthy work life balance and forming good working relationships with colleagues.

Overall, Emmanuel reported feeling very supported by the Making a Difference programme and it enabled him to get to where he wanted to be. When asked what he would say to someone who was considering joining the programme, Emmanuel said:

“I think there is always an opportunity to be better and pick up new skills so why not!”

Career Guidance To Get You Where You Want To Be

Making a Difference is an initiative match-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). We help people of all ages find their way into work or training by providing tailored one-to-one guidance and support. Whether you are returning to work after a career break, considering working for the first time or simply want to try something new. We can help you figure out the next step for you.

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