Jake – Establishing Interview Confidence

Jake is a man in his late twenties with thick shoulder-length hair and a beard. He is wearing a T shirt, has tattoos running down the length of his arm and is smiling warmly towards the camera. He has a work laptop sitting in front of him.

Jake, aged 28 from Crawley, struggled with his interview confidence and felt he lacked effective skills when looking for work.

Recommended to Making a Difference by the National Careers Service, Jake joined in hopes of tackling his fear of interviews by learning what to expect as well as specific interview techniques.

How Did We Help?

Jake met with Carlton, an Employment Coach at Making a Difference. In their one-to-one coaching sessions, Jake worked on building his interview skills. Carlton provided Jake with tips and advice on how to go about interviews, one of which Jake found extremely helpful going forward.

This was for Jake to research employers in advance of an application to gain a better understanding of the role or organization he was interested in.

Jake started to feel more confident in identifying his skills and use them to his advantage during interviews. He found it helpful to speak with an expert who wasn’t a close friend or family member. He also appreciated the feedback he received from Carlton during their mock interviews.

How To Build Interview Confidence?

Animated by his newfound confidence and skills, Jake attended an interview for a Crewing Coordinator in the creative technology sector and promptly got the job!

Looking back at where he started, Jake’s outlook has completely transformed. He feels he has overcome the main obstacle between him and gaining employment by getting interview confident.

Jake expresses he views future opportunities more positively and hopes to progress within his current role over the coming years. He says:

“I can see how I have grown, and this service has sped it up!”

When asked what he would say to prospective participants, Jake advises to “do it if you don’t have confidence in yourself if it is about work-related confidence – it is very helpful.”

Career Guidance To Get You Where You Want To Be

Making a Difference is an initiative match-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). We help people of all ages find their way into work or training by providing tailored one-to-one guidance and support. Whether you are returning to work after a career break, considering working for the first time or simply want to try something new. We can help you figure out the next step for you.

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