Jen – Exploring Career Options in Your Sixties

Jen has short, grey hair and rimmed glasses. She is wearing a jean shirt and is smiling into the camera.

Jen aged 62 from the Croydon area joined Making a Difference in search of high-quality job advice. She wanted to redirect her career and work as a Health Coach after having been a Social Worker for over 27 years.

Initially, Jen voiced concerns that no employer “would hire her again at her age”. Nonetheless, she wanted to seek out opportunities independently and learn about self-employment as she navigated this new career chapter. This included developing her confidence in approaching a brand-new sector as well as preparing for upcoming interviews.

How Did We Help?

Jen and her Employment Coach Luchiya got to work right away, identifying the many transferable skills Jen brought to the table from her longstanding experience as a Social Worker. By transferable skills, we mean any knowledge a person has acquired throughout their career, which will be beneficial for and could be – hence the name – transferred to a new position.

Jen, for example, had many of the skills needed to work as a Mentor, Trainer or Coach from her previous job. Her list of skills informed build a new and improved CV tailored to her specific needs. Also, to the demands of the current job market.

Jen worked hard on developing a positive mindset towards finding her dream job. Early on, she admitted that she was struggling with her confidence and self-belief at the thought of attending an interview. Together with Luchiya, she successfully tackled those mental barriers and took the next steps towards reemployment.

Tailored Career Advice for Job Seekers Over 50

Jen explored a variety of career options while working with Luchiya to find the right fit for her. This included self-employment and part-time work, as well as focus on her passions and inspirations. After identifying her ”Why”, and evaluating skills and experiences, Jen applied for a new role and attended the interview armed with the tools shared by her coach.

Following this, we are delighted to announce that Jen was hired again as a part-time Social Worker.

Jen’s coach, Luchiya, could not be prouder of her professional and personal development. She states: “Jen is motivated, more resilient, and more confident. She has a clear vision of what the next steps are while keeping the focus on her long-term goals.”

Jen expresses her excitement about getting started in her new job. As a final farewell to Luchiya and the Making a Difference programme, she says: “Your help enabled me to see I have so many more options and potential opportunities. I appreciate all you have done for me and would not hesitate to recommend this program.”

Career Guidance To Get You Where You Want To Be

Making a Difference is an initiative match-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). We help people of all ages find their way into work or education by providing tailored one-to-one guidance and support. Whether you are returning to work after a career break, considering working for the first time or simply want to try something new. We can help you figure out the next step for you.

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