Returning to work after caring: James’ story

Returning to work after a period of caring

James, 31, joined the Making a Difference programme via the National Careers Service. He was ready to consider a return to work following a period of caring for a family member.

He was lacking in confidence and unsure of his skills when he joined the programme. James was also unsure how to address the gaps in his employment history. His goals set at the start of the programme were to secure employment, develop his job searching skills, and improve his confidence.

Employment Coach Helen started by working with James on his CV and covering letter, and discussing transferable skills which could be captured on his CV.

They then moved on to application forms and how to fill them in, the timing of this session was perfect as James was applying for an apprentice role in the NHS.

Helen was then able to work with James on interview skills and the “Star” technique, looking at how he could provide example answers to interview questions using this technique.

James secured an interview for the apprentice position, and Helen conducted a mock interview with him using some pre-prepared questions, which he was able to answer very well. Together, they looked at the job description and highlighted the skills and behaviours which James could bring into his answers in the real interview.

James was successful with the interview and was offered the position – he starts his apprenticeship in July. He engaged well in teams meetings with Helen and she was able to see his confidence and motivation grow over the time they worked together. He was focussed on his application with the NHS and delivered the commitment, preparation, and enthusiasm to secure the role.

Helen found James a pleasure to support in achieving his employability goals and is sure he’ll embrace his new role. James fully recommends the Making a Difference programme to others as it has made a real difference to him.

James enjoyed the programme and is grateful for the support he received, saying:

“I would first off like to thank you because I could not have gotten here without the refreshing approach to training that you provided me and allowing me to build up my confidence naturally at my own pace and because of coming out of my shell to try these new things I feel so much more confidence than when you first called me.

So thank you very much Helen it is very much appreciated more than I can say.

It makes a change to have a course that actually listens to the needs of the client instead of just the ‘One size fits all’ training that most courses provide.”



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