How your skills can help you succeed: Katrina’s story

Understanding how your skills can enable you to succeed

Katrina started on the Making a Difference program with the aim of improving herself, after not having had the best start in life. Katrina’s drive to gain employment was to become a role model for her children and to re-identify with herself. She had lots of life skills but held herself back and doubted her abilities.

She made the first step in asking for support by reaching out to the National Careers Service and Making a Difference programmes.

Katerina came to Making a Difference via her National Careers Service advisor, not just to gain employment support, but to understand how her skills could enable her to succeed and importantly to rebuild her self-worth.

Katrina identified three key objects in her personalised action plan: to identify her skills, complete her first ever CV, and to recognise her functional skills and capabilities. Colin, her Employment Coach, worked with her to make sure that each stage was achievable and delivered at the correct time for Katrina to gain the most positive outcomes. After working with Colin, Katrina now feels she is back to her old self again and her confidence has been rebuilt.

Of the programme, Katrina said:

“They helped me by enabling me to highlight my past barriers and my insecurities. This gave me the freedom to move forward and to start working on these, in a constructive way.”

“Colin always answered any question or concerns I had moving forward”.

Her Employment Coach Colin said:

“Katrina was a joy to support, and it is nice to see the real Katrina come back into her own again. Even when she had times of self-doubt, esteem issues, or issues at home. She would come to our sessions, focus on what she has accomplished since her last session, and always look positively ahead.”

Katrina was an active participant, worked hard, and made progress with any actions identified in her sessions. Katrina actively pursued employment opportunities from any source and successfully gained employment that fit around her caring responsibilities.

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