Gaining an apprenticeship later in life: Martin’s story

Using Labour Market Information to gain an apprenticeship

Martin, age 58 from West Sussex, had to leave his self-employed role due to health issues and had been unemployed for a year. He was referred to Making a Difference through the National Careers Service to provide extra support in his journey back to work.

Martin wasn’t sure what area he wanted to work in, but his goals were to have a stimulating job working as part of a team and helping people. He was introduced to his Employment Coach, Kirsty, and they started work to identify his transferable skills.

Once these were identified and included on his CV, Kirsty helped Martin update his personal development, job search skills, application techniques and interview skills.

They spent time after applications and interviews to use reflection techniques. This helped Martin work out what had gone well and what he could improve upon next time.

Martin rediscovered his love of learning, was keen to partake in all opportunities on the programme and completed two external Level 2 courses for his own development.

As he gained confidence, Kirsty introduced local labour market information to help Martin understand which employers were recruiting in his area and what skills they required. This included Kirsty showing Martin a vacancy for a Fire Safety apprenticeship, and they looked at how his skills and goals might match the role.

Martin decided that this role would meet his goal of working as part of a team and helping the community. He also could see that his transferable skills would be key to gaining this position, so spent time with Kirsty on his application. They ensured that he highlighted his strengths and what he could bring to the Fire Service.

He was delighted to secure the apprenticeship and match his work and development goals.

Martin felt that his outlook changed after participating in Making a Difference. He realised what he initially thought wasn’t possible was actually achievable through hard work and commitment, and was not as difficult as he initially feared.

Martin was keen to express how valuable Making a Difference was for him, and thought anyone unemployed would gain a great deal from it.

Martin commented:

“I think the service I received from Kirsty has been wonderful. She listened to what I wanted to achieve and helped me in taking the steps to achieve them. I feel that it gave me the direction I needed and the programme and support has been fantastic.”

Kirsty commented about her time with Martin:

“Martin has been an absolute pleasure to support, his drive and commitment, his goals and actions have been inspiring. I am really pleased that Martin has secured his apprenticeship – it truly reflects that there is never a point in life where we cannot adapt and learn something new. With time and effort you can achieve your goals.”

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