Gaining job market knowledge: Paul’s story

Paul, 59, had over 35 years experience in the IT sector and was looking for a new role as an IT Support Technician. He joined the Making a Difference Programme a few months after being made redundant from his previous job and was feeling isolated and stuck.

He was actively applying for jobs and attending interviews, but unfortunately wasn’t successful. He worried that some of his skills may have become outdated. Paul wanted to refresh some of his IT skills, and to focus on building his confidence and interview skills after receiving rejections and no answers from job applications and interviews. Some of the support he needed included expanding his job searches and learning about the labour market and job opportunities.

Employment Coach Luchiya began working with Paul by building a connection and trust. She started their journey by reviewing his CV and exploring different career options. Luchiya helped Paul research various employers and was supporting him weekly by sending Labour Market Information and job opportunities. She collated this information from the Making a Difference Labour Market Intelligence team, and through her own research.

As they began to develop Paul’s goals, they started working on his interview skills and confidence. Luchiya could not find a reason why Paul was getting to the interview stage, but not receiving a positive answer or job offer.

Together they spent time practicing interviews and preparing for possible outcomes. Paul attended some Making a Difference workshops, which he found useful. These workshops helped him to gain different perspective and insights. Luchiya also organised a mock interview for Paul with an Employer for which he received brilliant feedback. This gave his confidence a boost and helped him to reflect upon his strengths and qualities.

After applying for some vacancies, Paul was offered 3 interviews. Paul was successful with one and was offered his desired job, as well as receiving a call from a second who informed him they had chosen someone else, but would like to keep in contact with him for future opportunities.

The new job is in a perfect location for Paul as it’s only 10 minutes from home. His plan is to continue his self-development and to gain new skills and experience. Finding work after 50 and after being made redundant can be a huge challenge, but Luchiya and Paul proved that with the right mindset and support nothing is impossible.

Of the programme, Paul said:

Luchiya, working with you really made a difference, especially at the beginning of the year, when I was feeling so isolated. You helped me to build confidence and supported me on this journey.

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