Yuliana – Returning to Your Professional Career in the UK

Yuliana is a young woman working as a doctor. She wears glasses and a white coat, and is listening intently to a patient.

Yuliana (28) had newly arrived in the greater Leeds area as a result of ongoing conflict in her home country, Ukraine. She had previously worked in the medical field and wanted to progress in her professional career in the UK.

When she was referred to Making a Difference by her local jobcentre, Yuliana had questions about the British job market, how to approach an English application and stand out to future employers.

She was ready to harness her many skills and experiences and return to work.

How Did We Help?

Yuliana met with Jude, an Employment Coach at Making a Difference. Together, they assessed Yuliana’s professional career history and goals to establish a road map for the following weeks.

First and foremost, Yuliana wanted support in building her English language skills, focussing on speaking, reading and writing.

Given that she had arrived in the UK as an established professional, Yuliana also wanted to explore qualification equivalents. Gaining these qualifications would allow her to not only pick up her career where she left off but hopefully, continue to progress in it.

Finally, Yuliana needed to broaden her understanding of the application process and work on creating a tailored CV to stand out to future employers.

Picking Up Your Professional Career in the UK

For her first steps towards employment in the UK, Jude referred Yuliana to an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course. This would help her find her feet, create a routine and widen her personal network.

Yuliana and Jude also looked at relevant resources, job roles, additional courses and qualifications available to boost Yuliana’s application. Next, Yuliana got to work on her CV and cover letter, both of which are essential when approaching employers in the UK.

During her time on the programme, Yuliana developed her confidence in speaking English and was very proactive in her search for work. She attended workshops hosted by Making a Difference which focussed specifically on job searching and interview skills, including interview practice.

This is just the beginning for Yuliana, but her Employment Coach Jude is feeling positive about her future. She says:

“Yuliana is a highly skilled and professional individual in her home country and didn’t shy away from exploring all areas of employability. Her feedback was always valued, and she will be missed. I am delighted that she feels more prepared to find equivalent work within the UK.”

Yuliana herself says this about her time with Making a Difference:

“It was an amazing experience for me! Jude was really helpful, and she always did her best to find the best options and advice for me. I appreciate the support which I have received. It will definitely help me to start a career in the UK.”

We wish Yuliana all the best on her future professional career journey!

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