Seeking support to move to a new sector: Maria’s story

Maria, aged 27 from West Yorkshire, was referred onto the Making a Difference programme from the National Careers Service. She wanted to change her career – she had left her job in the education sector and wanted to work within a different area.

She was introduced to Jude, her Making a Difference Employment Coach, who took the time to listen to Maria and understand her aims and goals.

Exploring career change options

As she was seeking a career change, Maria wanted to explore different careers and related qualification opportunities. She also wished to gain support in developing and tailoring her CV and cover letters and to build on her job searching and interview skills.

In their first sessions, Jude supported Maria to review her existing CV, highlighting transferable skills and provided guidance on how to tailor it to specific new sectors and roles. They also worked together on application forms to ensure that Maria knew how to structure her answers to questions, again showing relevant experience and skills.

Interview practice

Next, Jude provided interview support for Maria as she had not experienced an interview for some time. They completed mock interview practice and Jude coached Maria in how to answer competency-based interview questions. These practice sessions helped her to gain more confidence at interviews, ensuring she felt fully prepared.

Successful job search

Within a short space of time, Maria was successful at an interview and gained employment in a new role within a different sector. She was delighted to move into a role within the Administration team of the NHS and has made great progress while settling in, even receiving a new job title in her time there.

About the Making a Difference programme, Maria said:

“Being employed over 3 years at my last role had me out of practice in different aspects of job searching. I’m glad I was referred to Jude, she was understanding, open minded, non-judgemental, and generally very lovely. I could email her and keep her up to date between my meetings, which was really handy.

With her guidance I was able to perfect my skills, and now shortly after my last job I am employed in the role I wanted. You could be in any position, and you will get a service that is delivered to meet your specific needs. Thank you, Jude, you have been brilliant!”

Her Employment Coach Jude said:

“I have been exceptionally impressed with Maria’s efforts and the work that she has put in to change her career and gain employment. She has been open to new ideas and explored different careers and associated courses. She was a pleasure to work with and has always gone above and beyond to take notes and learn from everything in our sessions and always ensured that she completed actions.”

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