Seeking work in education: Dilesha’s story

Dilesha, aged 34, met Making a Difference at the Newcastle Jobs Fair in August 2022. She had recently moved to the UK and needed support in looking for work as a lecturer. Dilesha was introduced to Olivia, a Making a Difference Employment Coach. Dilesha met weekly with Olivia and had 1:1 support via teams.

Working together

In their first session together, Olivia and Dilesha completed a goal setting exercise. They then used this as a basis for creating an action plan detailing the steps Dilesha would take towards her goal of gaining new employment. Dilesha discussed her career goals with Olivia which meant that Olivia was able to tailor her advice and support to the specific sector. As she was interested in lecturer roles, they discussed the qualification requirements and researched options for Dilesha to complete a PGCE.

In addition to her 1:1 sessions with Olivia, Dilesha attended the Making a Difference interview workshop and said the support “really helped her to find work”.

Goals achieved

Following her interview workshop and the job application support Olivia provided, Dilesha was able to gain employment working flexibly as a lecturer alongside completing her PGCE with Falmouth University.

Dilesha would encourage others to join the Making a Difference programme to get the support they need to find employment. She said:

“The support from the Making a Difference programme has been lifechanging as there was no other support out there like it. The specific information I received was really helpful.”

About the support Olivia provided her, Dilesha said:

“Olivia helped me when I was about to give up on finding work in the education sector. Olivia always motivated me and was someone I could share my feelings with, which helped me to not feel stressed. Olivia helped me to evaluate my skills and improve in the areas I was not comfortable with. She pushed me to not give up.”


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