Rebuilding self confidence: Simon’s story

Rebuilding self confidence and achieving Entry Level 3 English

Simon referred himself to the Making a Difference programme at a time when he was not in a good place, his mental health was troubling him, and he had some issues that he needed to work through.

Employment Coach Yvonne made contact and listened to Simon to find out how she could help him best. He hadn’t worked for some time and was becoming concerned about money. It became apart that Simon also had low confidence and issues with self-esteem. He didn’t know where to turn and he was in a difficult place. Yvonne worked with Simon to take small steps, as she knew he could get overwhelmed. She started off setting him small goals which helped him settle into the programme.

Together, Simon and Yvonne did weekly sessions, he needed someone to listen to him and support him. Yvonne gave relevant advice and guidance and when Simon was ready, she started to job search with him, followed by interview practice. Simon also joined a support group called the Ladder Centre in Ferryhill and he began to gain more confidence by attending weekly sessions and meeting new people.

As his confidence grew, Simon enrolled onto the Making a Difference Basic Skills Programme. He put in hard work and effort and successfully passed his Entry Level 3 English. He was a star pupil and put in a lot of time to gain this qualification.

Simon then decided to do some volunteering work for a local charity shop which was a great step for him to take. This improved his confidence further and made him feel worthwhile again.

Simon started to independently job search and attend interviews, using the skills he had gained from the programme. He now has a part time job which has helped him financially and boosted his confidence more.

He feels that he has a much brighter outlook now and that his life is turning around. Simon is now thinking about his future and how he would like to progress into Forklift Truck Driving, which is something he has done previously, he just needs to gain his license. The National Careers Service are assisting him with this.

Simon said:

“The programme has been invaluable, and I would highly recommend it. The staff are approachable and supportive.”

Yvonne is so proud of Simon and how far he has come with the Making a Difference programme.

“He deserves a massive round of applause as he tried his best with everything and succeeded! Well done, Simon.”

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