Changing careers after a break: Sujithra’s story

Sujithra, aged 40 from Surrey, was introduced to Luchiya from Making a Difference at one of our regular sessions in Croydon Library. Sujithra was looking to get back into work after a career break to raise a family. She had a wealth of experience in Admin but was interested in looking at what other career options were available.

As she had been out of the job market for some time, she needed support with identifying positions relevant to her skills and wanted help with the application process.

Sujithra and Luchiya focused on identifying what careers could be suitable, looked at job opportunities and built Sujithra’s understanding the local labour market.

Key to their work together was time spent exploring different career options and being open-minded about applying for different positions. After time spent looking at her skills, Sujithra decided she would really like to work as a Teaching Assistant. Luchiya and Sujithra then explored the application process and what was asked of applicants.

She started receiving interview invitations shortly after applying – not only were her CV and covering letters strong, but she was applying for the right jobs for her. To gain confidence for her forthcoming interviews, they completed practical mock interviews which helped to enhance Sujithra’s skills and confidence.

Sujithra was successful in her interviews and has now been hired as a Teaching Assistant. Throughout her journey with Making a Difference and working with an Employment Coach for the first time, Sujithra was open-minded and showed resilience, motivation, and passion.

She shared that she is grateful for all the support the Employment Coach provided. Her ambition and long-term goal is to be a Headteacher one day and inspire others to pursue their dreams. Of her time with Sujithra, Luchiya said:

“Sujithra was highly motivated and disciplined. She has taken on board all suggestions from me as an Employment Coach, she always responds to emails and phone calls and was very engaged through the process.”

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