Tailored support for long-term jobseeker


Derek*, age 44 from London, had been out of work for some time following a redundancy. He had worked in customer service, but found that the Covid pandemic lockdowns posed an additional struggle to job searching as companies were not recruiting.

His local Job Centre Plus introduced him to Making A Difference’s Employment Coach Cassandra as she would be able to provide Derek with the tailored one-to-one support he needed.

In Derek and Cassandra’s first appointment, they explored his work history and skills, then discussed his goals. He previously worked in a call centre and wanted to find an office based job that involved working with people.

Learning how to build a CV

Derek and Cassandra chose to work first on developing his CV, as they identified that it needed improvement.Cassandra explained that many companies use ATS (Application Tracking System) to sort through CVs and Derek’s CV needed to be developed to ensure it passed through this system. Cassandra supported Derek to develop it, ensuring that it included key words the ATS would be looking for and highlighted workplace achievements effectively.

Before Derek’s next appointment, he had worked further on his CV, returning with a more succinct version ready to be uploaded to job sites.

Interview practice

Cassandra then tailored her support to focus on interview technique and practice. She helped Derek to practice how to respond well to questions. Within two weeks of joining the Making a Difference programme, Derek was offered two job interviews. This really helped him to start to regain his confidence.

Thanks to the interview technique support Cassandra had provided, Derek was successful in one of these interviews and was offered a position with a large housing company to work in the office handling a wide range of customer-focused tasks and administrative duties.

Derek spoke highly of the support Cassandra and the Making a Difference programme provided in supporting him back into work. Derek said:

“I was so pleased that I was put in touch with the organisation Making a Difference, Cassandra quickly understood my situation and asked the right questions and found out the work I have done in the past.

Cassandra suggested I wrote a new CV that will work with ATS systems, making sure keywords were on the CV and I highlighted achievements within the workplace rather than just my day-to-day description of what I do. I really would like to thank Cassandra for her excellent support.”

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