Anthony – Work Experience After a Photography Degree

Anthony is a young man in his twenties. He is pictured out in nature, wearing a baseball hat and holding a professional camera while smiling confidently.

25-year-old Anthony from Sunderland joined Making a Difference to seek support in finding employment as a photography teacher.

He had just received a photography degree and could confidently look back on a lot of voluntary experience.

How Did We Help?

Anthony began his journey by attending virtual appointments as well as local workshops. However, he soon realised he would benefit more from face-to-face support and so was put in touch with Making a Difference Coach Charlotte.

While discussing his career history and goals, Anthony said that he struggled with time management and that this was something he actively wanted to work on. Together, Charlotte and Anthony came up with the plan to move their appointments to the mornings as this was the most challenging time for Anthony and to build a positive routine.

From there, Anthony focused more on the kind of support he needed to get himself job ready. He worked on creating a winning CV, highlighting all his valuable skills and experience. Through this, Anthony reported that the programme even helped him identify skills he didn’t know he had!

Finding Work With a Photography Degree

Initially, Anthony had been interested in pursuing a career in teaching. While this was still the case a few weeks later, Anthony decided he would like to work before applying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). This would give him the opportunity to build up his skills and experience.

We are excited to share that Anthony has since found employment as a Customer Service Advisor. He is excited to see how this new development will help his communication and interpersonal skills.

Reflecting on his time with Making a Difference, he says:

“Charlotte was very welcoming, understanding, and reliable. I found it very easy to talk to her and she adapted to my needs. If you are thinking about joining the programme, join and commit. You can gain so much from it. Your employment coach puts in the work and support for you. If you do the same and treat it as a two-way system, it works well and helps prepare you for work.”

We wish Anthony all the best on his future career journey.

Career Guidance To Get You Where You Want To Be

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